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Established in 1992 Onshore Technologies provides creative manufacturing solutions to a diverse customer base representing major market segments.

  •   Medical & Healthcare
  •   Aerospace
  •   Space and Satellite
  •  Telematics
  •   Test & Measurement
  •  Industrial
  •   Power Management
  •   Telecom
  •   Automotive & Transportation
  • Alternative Energy
    (Solar, Windpower)
  •   Communications
  •   Instrumentation
  •   Security
  •   Consumer


Onshore creates custom manufacturing solutions for each of our customers.

  • Molded cable assemblies
  • Assembled cable assemblies
  • Custom Electronic Assemblies
  • Embedded, Encapsulated and Molded Electronics
  • Loose Piece Molding
  • Micro Coax Assembly
  • Tinsel Wire Termination

  • Wire and Cable Termination
  • Smart Cables
  • Custom Connector Solutions
  • Custom Interconnect Solutions
  • Custom Test Equipment
  • Custom Assemblies with or without cable
  • LED light engine


We provide manufacturing solutions for the life of your product.

Program Development:
  • Project Management
  • DFM Support (Design for Manufacturability)
  • Materials and Process Development
  • Build jigs, fixtures, injection molds and automation
  • Quick-turn prototypes
  • Build First Articles
  • Creating a vision for manufacturing flow
  • Pre-Production runs with an eye to scaling
  • Finalize production tooling
Production Support:
  • Develop and qualify sources
  • Supply chain management
  • On-time production scheduling
  • Flexible Production Staffing
  • Continuous Production Training
  • Related Technical Support
  • Long term production meeting your capacity needs


Onshore has the capability to provide our customers a seamless manufacturing solution from their design phase through production to the end of the product life.

Processes including:
  • Molded Cable Assemblies
  • Connector manufacturing
  • Harness assembly
  • Custom assemblies without cable
  • Automated soldering
  • High temperature soldering (300 deg C)
  • Low temperature soldering (even on mylar)
  • Wire-bonding
  • Hot-bar reflow soldering
  • Rapid prototypes/pre-production
  • Insert injection molding
  • Discrete component injection molding
  • Embedding of electronics
In-house tooling including
  • Jigs and fixtures
  • Workstations
  • Injection Molds
  • Station level automation
  • Hi volume manufacturing lines
  • Fully automatic assembly machines


Quality Policy:

Onshore Technologies is committed to providing Quality and Customer Service that exceeds our customer expectations.

Quality Systems:

Our quality systems are certified to the ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 industry standards.

Supplier Quality Assurance Provisions:

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2771 Plaza Del Amo #803 Torrance, CA 90503

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Onshore Offices 310-533-4888
Max Van Orden, President 310-318-2739
Mark Wilkinson, CEO/General Manager 310-533-4888 x111
Antwong Hall, Engineering Manager 310-533-4888 x103
Justin Hall, Quality and IT Systems Manager 310-533-4888 x104
Kim Dang, Administrative Services and HR Manager 310-533-4888 x100

Onshore Offices

Max Van Orden

Mark Wilkinson
General Manager
310-533-4888 x111

Antwong Hall
Engineering Manager
310-533-4888 x103

Justin Hall
Quality and IT Systems Manager
310-533-4888 x104

Kim Dang
Administrative Services and HR Manager
310-533-4888 x100